Our applications based on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) aka blockchain

In the past 15 years, Pentacomp developed several electronic trust solutions such as passports, identification of people and professionals including electronic ID and electronic sigil. Therefore we have been early adopters of the DLT as a future technology that starts to dominate this area. We have selected either Ethereum or CORDA to develop blockchain solutions that address the current needs of our public sector and private sector clients.


We can develop and deliver the following solutions or solutions similar to those described in the following paragraphs:


Secured Register of Legal Acts

Legal acts are developed in a process in which different entities e.g. parliamentary bodies, ministries etc introduce changes to the text of a legal act. All these changes may be made transparent by the application of the blockchain.


Secure Flow of Taxable Goods

Goods such as tobacco, alcohol, luxury items are marked with an immutable signature. All movements of such goods are registered by the authorities in a way that is transparent to the tax office.


Triple Entry Accounting

All peer to peer financial transactions are traditionally registered by both parties participating in any given transaction. The third entry is written into the distributed register secured by the blockchain mechanism.  Such solution eliminates the risk of any disputes between businesses or business and public administration participating in the transaction.


Electronic Health Record

Sensitive data about the patient condition, administered procedures, medication etc. are stored in a chain of records secured by the blockchain technology. Application of the DLT guarantees both data integrity, proof of existence and GDRP compliance.



This is an implementation of the smart contract that provides a secure contractual platform for musicians registering their songs and general public purchasing rights to listen to a stream of the music.


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