Transport of Sensitive Goods

Pentacomp offers a complete PentaTAX Suite, which includes four tools enabling the companies to manage obligatory communications with the government agencies. PentaTAX Suite includes: PentaSENT, PentaSAF-T, EMCS Connector, e-DD Module.



In 2017 Pentacomp created a solution PentaSENT that automates the processes of submitting and managing declarations regarding the transportation of sensitive goods (fuels, tobacco, etc.).

Business benefits:

2 ways of implementation:


EMCS Connector 

Under EMCS, a movement of excise goods is documented at every stage through an electronic Administrative Document (eAD). Based upon our insights from the Ministry of Finance we offer an always up to date dedicated EMCS Connector. This Connector ensures creation and transmission  of the proper Administrative Document by the Member State of dispatch to the Member State of destination. Currently it is used in more than 10 companies, such as: JTI Poland, Stock Poland, BZK Group.



PentaSAF-T automates activities related to the governance supervision on tax and accounting data. Our involvement with SAF-T implementation for the Ministry of Finance allows us to react quickly to any upcoming changes. We have released first version of PentaSAF-T long before final regulations for SAF-T were made public. We constantly extend the solution capabilities by integrating other structures like foreign SAF-Ts.

The complexity and flexibility of PentaSAF-T has been already appreciated by many customers, e.g.: Intermarche, Nestle, Panasonic, UPC, BZK Group, Inditex, TJX Companies.


e-DD Module

e-DD stands for electronic Delivery Document, which is about to replace paper delivery documents starting from 2020-01-01. Our e-DD module supports entrepreneurs in filling the e-DD and takes the process of communication with the systems of the Ministry of Finance off their shoulders.

Pentacomp systematically offers dedicated workshops to the companies that have to provide the e-DD in the near future - so to help them to be fully prepared for the upcoming obligations.

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