Municipal police

The solution for municipal police

The "Integrated Data Exchange Platform" System is a comprehensive solution for municipal police and similar services to support commands’ and management processes.

Main modules of the System:
  • Resources Module
  • Report Module
  • Event Module
  • Infraction Module
  • Mobile application for the police
  • Information Support Module
  • Resident/citizen portal with specified services

Benefits of Integrated Data Exchange Platform

The system answers the need to adapt to the existing demand for innovative public e-services using the Internet and information and communication technologies. Thanks to the implementation of the Integrated Platform for Data Exchange of the Municipal Police, it will be possible in particular to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of the Municipal Police
  • Increase the effectiveness of communication with the residents by creating e-services for the residents
  • Provide managers with the information necessary to make decisions
  • Enhance data and information security
  • Unification of standards, reporting and analysis forms throughout the organization, along with matching reporting for each management level
  • Optimization of the use of resources
  • Reduce the manual workload of documents

Main functionalities of Integrated Data Exchange Platform

  • Acceptance and registration of notifications together with their location by means of an emergency number, sms/mms, e-mail, mobile application of an internal unit
  • external mobile application for residents, radio communication, GPS information, caller location
  • Real-time remote transmission of information from the area from the patrol using mobile devices - update of the status in the main system by a guard
  • Presentation of the location of events on the map using external systems
  • Transmission from digital cameras from the Monitoring System Service Department
  • Information on traffic jams and road incidents from the Municipal Road Administration
  • information exchange: towing call - towing service
  • the information contained in the Land and Building Register for operational activities
  • locating public urban transport vehicles
  • Central System of Information Circulation and Management - data exchange platform
  • Building management (cameras)
  • Analytical data warehouse

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