The LIMS system (Laboratory Information Management System) is an information management system for laboratory information that is intended to:

  • sample management
  • analysis management
  • managing the flow of documents
  • management of laboratory equipment, warehouse
  • personnel management

PentaLIMS is a centralized IT system which is installed on the client's servers and enables communication and online work via a web browser. It is aligned with the ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 standard and its new edition from 2017, PCA documents and GLP documents (Good Laboratory Practice;, provides the possibility of ongoing adaptation to changes in existing national and international regulations, gives the possibility to add further environmental components such as noise, air, groundwater, sewage, soils, sewage sludge, bottom sediments, wastes ("derivatives" of the water component), enables the service of external and internal orders other than monitoring. PentaLIMS solution ensures consistent management of quality systems in laboratories, takes into account the specificity of the individual laboratories structure. Each of them can be treated as a separate organizational unit, the system allows the work of each laboratory independently of the others, additionally contains an administrative module to set user permissions and views, allows the introduction and modification of dictionaries related to the collection of monitoring samples and other crucial features.

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