City residents need certain essential services for their health, happiness, and prosperity. Easy access to healthcare services and facilities is perceived as a key factor of citizens satisfaction. In a modern era, easy access is commonly associated with mobile or electronic access. Therefore smart cities provide more and more e-health services for their citizens.

One of the most common e-services is an electronic prescription. It is implemented in various cities/provinces/countries around the World. However, with a rise of modern smart technologies e-prescription can be improved to provide more user satisfaction.

We can implement this solution and integrate it with other smart infrastructure so that it is a holistic and fully personalized service consisting of:

  • a mobile app that can provide information about pharmacy in which drug is available and provide navigation thanks to google or apple services
  • NFC use that optimizes time in pharmacy
  • home delivery of drugs
  • teleconsultation for patients with medical professionals (no need for personal visits in pharmacies or healthcare facilities)

It will also provide municipalities with data and predictive analytics for a piece of true evidence-based management.

Pentacomp has been active in the field of e-Health in the last decade. We have built and implemented the domestic medical registries platform in Poland and domain systems including healthcare professionals’ education management and IT platform for drugs reimbursement. These solutions are under our maintenance since then.

Recently we have mastered another challenge by designing and developing digital services like e-Prescription and e-Referral on a countrywide scale.  E-Prescription is in production right now and e-Referral in the pilot implementation. Our teams have been using the agile approach in these projects from the very beginning.

We understand e-Health programs are extremely vulnerable to changes and the agile approach has been selected as the most suitable. Pentacomp has managed to implement both these services within 18 months. Previous attempts in this area in Poland had been failing for almost 10 years.

Selected healthcare solutions made by Pentacomp

The platform for Electronic Medical Documentation

The digital transformation of medical care c is happening at a very different pace. Apparently, some regional institutions may be using electronic document solutions at the entry-level, others may have regional solutions that do not utilize the IHE XDS Profile, and so on. Therefore the biggest obstacle in building connections with the electronic platforms is the transformation from the current to a future architecture based on the standard IHE profiles.

Pentacomp takes advantage of the IHE profiles in order to provide solutions that can be easily implemented in different IT infrastructure setups. Our company can integrate different healthcare services in a constantly changing environment. The platform consists of Electronic prescription, electronic referral, electronic Medical Account:

Electronic prescription

Replacement of paper prescriptions with the electronic ones enables seamless monitoring and control of the medical activities. Government becomes an instrument to better manage the financial reimbursement process. Healthcare system benefits from e-prescribing due to less time spent to complete the prescription and get the drugs.

What is important, e-prescription brings a lot of benefits for patients, such as:

  • Instant notification on allergies, substances interactions, duplicated therapies;
  • Elimination of errors on prescriptions;
  • Better safety and clarity concerning the dosing of the drugs.
Electronic referral

Pentacomp has built this solution that helps patients to use the healthcare system to its fullest. Without leaving home, a patient can get a referral electronically on their electronic medical account. It cannot be destroyed nor lost. Waiting in long lines will go down to history.

Electronic Medical Account

The patient-oriented electronic platform helps to manage patient’s healthcare. Online access to the healthcare system gives patients a full insight into the history of:

  • Health checks;
  • Illness diagnosis;
  • Medical procedures;
  • Drug prescriptions;
  • Doctors’ recommendations.

Medical Registers Platform

The broad range of various medical registers provided by Pentacomp helps to efficiently store and keep patients’ medical history. Additionally,  it brings a significant reduction in costs associated with the need to securely store long medical records.

Our offer includes:

  1. Register of Health Care Providers;
  2. Register of Medical Staff;
  3. Register of medicinal products;
  4. Register of coding systems (terminology and classification);
  5. Register of pharmacies;
  6. Register of pharmaceutical wholesalers;
  7. List of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and active substances;
  8. Register of laboratory diagnosticians;
  9. Register of Nurses and Midwives;
  10. Central Register of Pharmacists; and
  11. Register of facilities cooperating with the medical rescue operation.

Domain Systems in Healthcare

The main purpose of domain systems is to enable easy information transfer between government facilities, Health Care Providers and inspectors, such as Alcohol and Beverage Control:

  1. Education Monitoring System;
  2. Integrated System for the Monitoring of Trade in Medicinal Products;
  3. Monitoring System of Health Threads;
  4. System of Healthcare Resources; and
  5. System of Statistics in Healthcare

Being a member of the Polish Medical IT House and Polish HL7 Association, Pentacomp for years has actively supported the standardization of electronic medical records. As a part of ongoing standardization work, the company developed XSL transform (the standard of Polish Medical Document) as well as operational instructions for the usage of Polish National Implementation HL7 CDA. It is worth a mention that special certifications: HL7 CDA and HL7 RIM that Pentacomp acquired, have been used in the above-mentioned projects.

Please feel free to contact us for more details: pentacomp@pentacomp.pl