(Decision Support System)

Decision support and risk management system at the operational and strategic level.

Our solution - the main functionalities and key benefits:

  1. Performance budget related to strategic tasks.
  2. Risk management.
  3. Monitoring and reports.
  4. Planning of multiannual projects and programs.
  5. Multi-year Financial Forecast.
  6. Budget changes.
  7. Integration with external systems (ERPs, accounting software etc.).


Benefits from the implementation:

  • Improving the way of formulating the objectives of multiannual programs.
  • Improving the diagnosis of the recipients' needs in the area of ​​public services and the quality of the assessment of the results of provided services.
  • Improving the quality of management information collected in the process of monitoring the quality of services provided by organization units.
  • Ensuring accountability of services.
  • Increased participation of stakeholders in management.
  • Lower costs of preparing reports on multi-annual programs, annual tasks and their monitoring.
  • Increased coherence between budgetary tasks and multiannual programs.
  • Improving the transparency of decisions on the allocation of budget funds.
  • Increased awareness of the management staff regarding the need to apply modern management tools.

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