IT Systems Integration

Pentacomp offers a wide scope of products and services in terms of general IT systems integration.

Our specialty is Enterprise Architecture (EA). Our services are realized using TOGAF architectural framework. The competence of Enterprise Architecture team of experts is confirmed by numerous certificates.

Based on the experience gained from the realization of a variety of integration projects we have developed a proprietary platform for integration services - PentaSOA Suite.

PentaSOA is a secure platform for the exchange of B2B messages compatible with SOA and safety standards (eg. SAML2, XAdES). The mechanisms implemented within our solutions provide:

  • support for public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • identity management
  • the functionality of a single authentication (SSO)
  • time stamping
  • recording and monitoring of events for audit purposes
  • scalability and flexibility of architecture

high interoperability and performance