IT Security

At Pentacomp, we respond to the needs of business and public sector in the field of information protection and secure access to data.

In particular, we organize safety systems in the following situations Client:

  • organization is based on distributed systems and applications, among which there is the exchange of sensitive data,
  • in the organization of a growing need for rapid information exchange and processing,
  • employees need remote, secure access to information, some of which constitute confidential information
  • organization benefits from remote work or mobile computing
  • the organization quickly progressing computerization process.

Information security is seen as an element of strategic management. Our goal is to prevent data theft and minimizing the risks of damage or loss of information. We protect customers against the risk of downtime of IT systems.

We use the most advanced security technologies, including systems for data and communications encryption, public key infrastructure (PKI) and biometric solutions. Pentacomp’s flagship solutions in the field of security are:

  • PentaSCAPE - a platform for creating flexible and scalable information sharing environment, where there is a tight and defined system for data security

PentaFES – Pentacomp’s own system for recording biometric data carried out for the needs of uniformed services - the police and the Border Guard. The solution supports data transmission to central systems (AFIS)