IT Outsourcing

Pentacomp offers also an outsourcing of IT services based on both Time & Material and Fixed Price models. T&M co-operation is used for complex IT projects, scalable projects, and contracts that do not define the final shape of the IT solution at startup. Pentacomp's main capital is the experience and competences gained in implementing projects for the largest organizations in Poland. The projects we implement are of strategic importance for our Clients. Best practices, expertise and innovation are also offered through outsourcing of expertise and specialized IT services (body leasing). Depending on the nature of the project, we can hire professionals with specific qualifications, experience and knowledge - for a particular task, project or process.

Pentacomp's specialists can play the role of:

  • Experts in IT project management
  • Experts in the selection of solution providers and IT services
  • Experts supervising the processes of analysis, production and implementation of solutions
  • Carers who service the implemented IT solutions
  • Analysts, designers, developers, testers, or system administrators