The new statutory requirements of electronic control of transport and delivery of selected goods require an efficient IT solutions. For comprehensive and quick realization of administrative duties, the IT systems should meet expectations of the largest enterprises operating in the area of movements of selected excise products.

The required data are gathered and processed further within the operational domain of Ministry of Finance.

PentaSENT is  a specialized IT solution, dedicated to fulfill regulatory obligations. PentaSENT facilitates the quick, easy and comfortable maintenance of SENT-related reporting processes.

Solution Description:

PentaSENT facilitates the communication between senders, carriers and receivers, by transmitting the digital keys and reference numbers. It assures the flow of data and information with other SISC systems. Its general aim is to maintain the digital documents concerning the transit of goods and exchange data whit SEAP system (in the domain of Ministry of Finance). PentaSENT application is available as a Stand-alone software package or as a cloud-based IT service (PentaSENT-SaaS).

PentaSENT: key features and functions:

  • Digital keys and reference numbers management
  • Full integration with external, related IT systems:
    • EMCS4B
    • Internal ERPs (e.g.: SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle EBS)
  • Search engine for SENT numbers
  • Standard document templates
  • Business data validation
  • Data import through CSV files
  • Data entries archiving (data export)
  • Aggregated sending of many entries
  • Management of contractors:
    • Loads, goods, contractors types glossaries
    • SMS and e-mail maintenance
  • Handling of messages: UPD, PND, UPP, NPP, UPO
  • Access via mobile devices:
    • Insight into a list of active transports
    • Preview of transports’ details
    • Transport entries update
  • Companies and users management