PentaJPK (SAF-T)

The area of PentaJPK - Standard Audit File for Tax

PentaJPK solution is based on the system architecture used in proven PentaTax implementation developed by Pentacomp for the group of the biggest Polish enterprises. The source data are gained from tables or CSV files enabled by Financial/Accounting or ERP systems and aggregated then in proper SAF-T files. Created files are digitally signed, divided and packed in accordance with the requirements given by Ministry of Finance.

PentaJPK functionality

PentaJPK solution includes the following functionality:

  • creation of SAF-T (JPK) files from data source files (source files are described further)
  • reporting errors of SAF-T files creation based on source data
  • handling of SAF-T files prepared by external systems
  • visualization of data contained in SAF-T files (to verify the correctness of the data before submitting SAF-T to the tax audit authority)
  • technical validation of SAF-T (XSD compliance)
  • basic business validation of SAF-T
  • automated delivery of SAF-T files to the Ministry of Finance
  • convenient user interface for SAF-T management, enabling:
    • search by file type, the reporting period, creation date
    • verification of the processing status
    • electronic signing
    • collecting and downloading of electronic confirmation of reception (UPO)
    • review of file metadata
    • review of the event log associated with the SAF-T (the log includes all events associated with the file including information about the files / source tables, information about the outcome of the various processing steps, users who perform operations on SAF-T, information about the status of transmission etc.)
  • ability to work within the framework of many companies (holdings etc.)
  • administrative interface allowing users the management of individual companies
  • single login (SSO) based on Active Directory

Task processing control in PentaJPK

PentaJPK enables the control of tasks processing via WWW-based GUI (by user) or through dedicated Web Service (by the system).
Task submissions are then accepted and queued in asynchronous mode. System interface provides the opportunity to process one step only (i.e. electronic signing only) or the entire track (from XSD verification to sending SAF-T file to Ministry of Finance). XSD verification is optional and can be disabled in the system configuration.

Transfering messages to Ministry of Finance

A dedicated Web Service based on the required specifications performs the dispatching the messages to the appropriate systems of the Ministry of Finance.
For user’s convenience the service has been developed in the form of a dedicated communication module.
The specification for data exchange was officially published by the Ministry of Finance on 20th of July 2016 but now PentaJPK is integrated with JPK project conducted on site of the Ministry.

Accounting data source for PentaJPK

PentaJPK requires the provision of the necessary accounting data from IT systems that support Finance, Accounting and Warehouse Management. Analysis and mechanisms for extracting data from ERP systems can be made by the customer's IT department, provider of ERP, external consulting firms, or by Pentacomp.
PentaJPK is able to read and acquire data formatted as database tables compatible with SAF-T files and/or CSV files and/or XML files.