Why should you care about safety?

Law and regulatory demands and penalties related to negligence:

  • New Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (threat of fine up to EUR 20 million or 4% of annual global turnover)
    • Recommendation R for banks
    • Guidelines for the management of ICT areas for the insurance sector
    • The risk of breach of data security constituting the mystery of customers and businesses
  • Operational, contract and image risk
  • The need to cope with customer trust


In the modern world, information has become a key resource. This involves an increased threat from cybercriminals seeking sensitive data. In fact, hacking applications and information systems has become such a widespread problem that only those involving the largest corporations and instances of cases are catching the attention of the public. However, the problem does not, however, bypass the small and medium enterprises as hackers use tools that automatically scan the network and search for potential targets. The question is not: will you be the target of the attack, but WHEN and are you prepared against the attack?


The key to ensuring the right level of security is a proper understanding of the risks involved and taking preventive measures to prevent an attack.


PentaSafe is a test and analysis service that allows the company to learn about software vulnerabilities. Thanks to this, the company will be able to assess the level of its own safety. Key issues / irregularities and risks will be identified along with recommendations for further action.

According to a study:

  • 60% of small companies attacked by hackers have failed within 6 months of the attack!
  • $10.8 million - average annual loss in large companies was caused by system attacks
  • $3 million - average annual loss in medium-sized companies was due to attacks on systems
  • 20 - average number of application vulnerabilities
  • 97% - the percentage of applications (java) that contained errors in the code
  • 41% - annual increase in the number of incidents that compromise the company's IT security
  • 24% - respondents experienced data or system security breaches

Our offer:

PentaSafe is a comprehensive security service that consists of the following elements:

  • System Security Tests - Make sure your systems are properly secured by subjecting them to controlled attacks
  • Analysis of security and quality of source codes - Verify that your systems are of high quality, created according to art, in a safe way
  • Identifying Public Information - Find out what information you share on the Internet - Verify that you are not publishing confidential data
  • Advanced Internal Network Scanning and Monitoring - Stay up to date whether your security has been compromised
  • Information Security Audit - Check that your information is adequately protected, verify that you meet the ISO 27001 requirements
  • Verification of compliance of the systems and their adaptation to the eIDAS regulation