PentaHD – Data Warehouse

PentaHD is a collection of components and applications supporting the creation and management of data warehouses. The solution was built on basis of Microsoft SQL Server platform.

MS SQL Server is available with Integration Services, which is a powerful tool for building ETLs. However, it has several major drawbacks including: limited ability to control the ETL process with metadata, lack of easy-to-use components (including differential and incremental extraction), lack of advanced data handling, lack of mechanisms to control aggregate refresh and calculation.

PentaHD was created to complement these functional deficiencies, while leveraging the full potential of Integration Services. It covers a range of operations related to the building and management of the Data Warehouse. Thanks to PentaHD, the time of new implementation, as well as the maintenance and development of the already existing solution, is considerably shortened.

Main tasks of PentaHD:

  • Streamline the implementation of data warehouse class solutions
  • Support for administrative tasks related to the maintenance process of data warehouses

Supported processes:

During the implementation phase of the data warehouse load procedures, PentaHD offers support for:

  • Extraction of data from tables
  • Loading data from files
  • Data transformation
  • Mechanisms for recording data change history
  • Handling errors in data
  • Aggregation and calculation of data
  • Maintenance and use of technical metadata
  • Standard programming activities (ie logging, handling application errors, using parameters)

At the data warehouse maintenance stage, PentaHD enables:

  • Processing status tracking
  • Control of handling erroneous data
  • Review and modify system parameters