A common problem of companies and institutions is the difficulty of effective management of both internal and the external potential, competence and other assets that affect the reaction and response to dynamic market changes. This results in a measurable loss, which can be prevented by implementing appropriate technical and operational solutions.


The only complete and available-to-date knowledge of possessed expertise and its current and planned allocation allows the management to maintain the best reaction and optimum use of resources.


An operational implementation of PentaBook allowed both our organization and many of our customers to improve significantly the efficiency of its own human capital management and business operability. In parallel, PentaBook perfectly streamlined the communication within the organization. PentaBook became one of the main IT business systems, significantly increasing the speed of a response to recent market needs...

PentaBook is a modern, flexible modular system supporting an Enterprise Capability Management.\

Our customers effectively use the operational management solutions built on basis of PentaBook.

  • In Energy sector company, PentaBook comprehensively manages the potential of subcontractors
  • In production company, it monitors the manufacturing processes and operational surface
  • In IT Company, it performs all tasks related to the management of human capital and development of skills
  • In any of companies, it enables an internal portal with a simple and fast access to the crucial knowledge

PentaBook easily integrates with other systems and applications!