For 20 years we have been supporting our customers by creating dedicated solutions for managing and optimizing processes, and ensuring information security.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse, gained in the implementation of projects for market leaders operating on the telecommunications, financial and public administration markets. Our IT solutions, supporting business decisions, were built on basis of the tools produced and supplied by industry leaders such as: Oracle, IBM, SAS Institute, Microsoft, SAP, MicroStrategy and many other vendors.

We understand the information security is one of crucial elements of strategic management. Our goal is to prevent data theft and minimize the risk of violation or loss of information. We use the most advanced technologies, including data and communication encryption systems, public key infrastructure (PKI) and specialized, biometric solutions.

We believe that our independence and industry specialization is the great foundation of the highest quality IT solutions and professional IT services.

Our offer for specific markets includes a wide portfolio of solutions, systems and applications:

PentaBI - we possess more than 15 years of experience in the field of Business Intelligence gained during the implementations of projects for leaders in the telecommunications, financial and public administration markets;

PentaBook - we offer a modern HCM - Human Capital Management class solution for efficient HR, skills and professional developement management;

PentaHD - specialized Data Warehouse platform desgined to develop an efficient business analytics and Big Data systems;

PentaLIFE Suite - a group of tailor-made solutions for insurance business, containing selected systems:

  • PentaLIFE - a comprehensive solution for insurance products lifecycle management;
  • PentaLIFE 4S - a group insurance products sales support system;

PentaSafe complex services of IT security audit, testing and analysis offering a comprehensive information regarding the IT security level within organizations;

PentaSOA - creates a framework for physical corporate architecture in a services-based organization; key elements of the solution are: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Identity Management (IDM) and Single Sign-On (SSO); PentaSOA contains PentaSCAPE - a platform for designing, maintaining and managing an independent information exchange environment, secured by a proprietary data protection system;

PentaTax - a group of solutions that support the processing and flow of information related to statutory tax, customs and excise tax reporting; PentaTax contains following products:

  • PentaSENT - enterprise system solution that integrates the required electronic communications with the central SENT system, ECIP / SEAP platforms and automates regulatory compliance activities;
  • PentaJPK - dedicated to business, the universal connector and the application supporting the statutory tax reporting via SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax / Polish: JPK - Jednolity Plik Kontrolny);
  • EMCS4B - a tool to assist business operators in handling excise goods under suspension procedure of excise duty;
  • e-Faktura (e-Invoice) - coming soon - currently in development.