In the interests of the customer

Pentacomp's strategy defines the type of service we provide to our clients. They are related to the use of modern information technology to achieve business benefits. In many cases, this is only part of the solution needed. Therefore, we always ready to cooperate with our partners. They complement our competence in information technology with knowledge of processes, management, or deep understanding of the specificity of the industry and the markets in which our client operates. We cooperate in this field with both internationally recognized advisory firms, international and national IT companies, but also often with independent industry experts. Depending on the specific situation and expectations of the client, we create consortia, or we act as prime contractor or subcontractor for large IT and consulting projects.

Technology innovation

We are looking for reliable technology partners who, together with us, can contribute value to IT projects for demanding clients. We are interested in expanding and refining our offerings by combining complementary tools, technologies and know-how that can translate into professional and innovative solutions for our clients' organizations.

Our partners network: