The broad knowledge of telecoms needs ....

Since the establishment of the mobile telephony market, we have been informalizing strategic areas for operators. Our knowledge is supported by several years of experience in servicing the leaders of the telecommunications market in strategic areas for them: we provide consulting services, we are responsible for data warehouses and applications based on them, as well as systems supporting key processes.

Our expertise offers:

  • Dedicated systems
  • Development and maintenance of IT solutions
  • Support for knowledge management
  • IT Project Management
  • Implementation, Integration and Migration
  • Outsourcing competence in Time and Material model

Selected projects for telecoms and mobile operators:

  • Building a data warehouse with development services
  • Creation and implementation of a system supporting the accounting process in the PrePaid area
  • Maintain and develop a system that manages target marketing campaigns across multiple channels
  • Creation, development and maintenance of the system for marketing campaigns
  • Development and maintenance of a system supporting the management of elements of the telecommunications infrastructure
  • Creation and implementation of a system for analyzing logs from telecommunication platforms
  • Development and implementatiom of dealer commission settlement system
  • Development and maintenance of a system for registering and handling cellular network customer complaints
  • Development and implementation of change management support system for your organization
  • Migrating data warehouses to a new hardware platform (with another system platform)
  • Implementation of Corporate Architecture Management Software