Public Administration

Pentacomp has experience and expertise in designing dedicated IT solutions for the public sector - central administration and institutions and armed forces.

Our offer covers a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that support the work of public institutions, by optimizing processes, circulating information or processing data, or helping to meet the regulatory obligations.

For the public sector entities we offer:

  • design and implementation services of dedicated IT solutions supporting the activities of offices and institutions
  • own solutions:
    • e-Office
    • PentaSOA Suite
  • consulting services in the field of practical IT applications, including analytical solutions, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
  • comprehensive content and tool support in EMCS PL and EORI (suspension of excise duty, EMCS PL communication and customs clearance)
  • advisory and implementation services on information security and the use of biometric technologies, including security solutions, PKI public key infrastructure and biometrics in uniformed services (including, among others, Border Guard and Police support)
  • advisory and design services for analytical solutions supporting the work of CSO (General Census and public statistics)

Working with the public administration sector for the last two years we have deepened our specialization in the area of customs (participation in the e-Customs project) and excise duties (eg EMCS PL). At the same time, we have many years of experience in providing advanced and dedicated solutions that allow authorities and institutions to comply with regulatory obligations.

Public statistics, data warehouses

One of Pentacom's major specializations, data warehouses and analytical solutions based on them, allowed us to gain a significant share in the computerization of the census and in the so- Computerization of public statistical processes (cooperation with GUS).

Support for uniformed forces, biometrics

For several years, we also support uniformed forces by providing solutions based on innovative technologies, including biometrics - including Dactyloscopic solutions, a system supporting the issuance of biometric passports.

Selected projects, realized for public sector:

  • Designed and implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Finance Dispatching and Surveillance System, EMCS PL
  • Implementation of the National System of Registration and Identification of Economic Entities, EORI - commissioned by the Ministry of Finance
  • (in consortium): implementation of the Integrated Electronic Platform of the Integrated Cadastral System for the Order of the Main Office of Geodesy and Cartography
  • Development and implementation of a Passport Information System commissioned by the Ministry of Interior and Administration
  • Development, implementation, development and maintenance of Electronic Data Archiving in the National Penal Code
  • Design and implementation of an electronic dactyloscopy system for the Border Guards of the Republic of Poland
  • (in the consortium): participation in the project of solutions aimed at the production of the Identity Cards of the Polish Armed Forces commissioned by the Ministry of National Defense
  • Design and implementation of the Integrated Control Support System, commissioned by the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection
  • (in the consortium): Design and implementation of the Operational Micro Databases for the Central Statistical Office. In the national census
    Particular attention should be paid to Pentacom's specialization in the field of computerized customs service (EORI), as well as entities communicating with the central EMCS PL system since 2009.