Industrial Sector

At Pentacomp we know that meeting the needs of our customers requires an individual approach and, above all, the implementation of the latest technology. Our dedicated solutions incorporated in Industry 4.0 are a step towards digitization, combined with a new approach to performance that was still a decade away.

At the base of Industry 4.0 there are interconnected systems that seamlessly support the activities of the entire value chain and create a digital landscape.

Industry 4.0 covers three main areas:

  • Internet Things (IoT - Internet of Things / M2M - Machine 2 Machine)
  • Dedicated cyber-physical systems that handle large amounts of data and advanced analysis, also in real time
  • Infrastructure

IoT (Internet of Things)

The ubiquitous array of devices, including: smartphones, tablets, wearable gadgets, make it easier to find information, use dedicated mobile applications, and pass on key data to better manage production, sales, logistics and communications. IoT / M2M (Internet of Things / Machine 2 Machine) allows you to share information regardless of time and place.

For our clients we create dedicated systems using:

  • NFC Tags
  • RFID tags
  • beacons
  • Sensor Networks (WSN)
  • Cloud environment

Our solutions help our clients:

  • Manage product quality
  • Monitor the processes
  • Manage the workspace
  • Analyze the use of resources
  • Automatical data collection and analysis

The unmanned systems

Unmanned systems are a new stage in transport and a new era of surveying, cartographic and image analysis of vast areas and infrastructure.

Using drones sued for more data and better quality and higher operability. We get better geodetic and cartographic measurements that are not readily available to ground vehicles and office workers, and we can quickly and cheaply analyze the area or infrastructure that was previously possible only with the involvement of extremely costly means.

Using dedicated IT tools for data processing, we facilitate the processes of image analysis, inventory and inspection:

  • We process larger data sets faster
  • We detect and fix defects more quickly
  • We get more high quality data from one single test (automatic analysis)
  • We repeatedly use data (data warehouses)
  • We integrate our solutions with the customer's IT environment

Our innovative project for the use of drones in the health service is AirVein. This project is supported by the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Health and the Civil Aviation Authority. Reducing waiting time for blood and needed medications is the biggest advantage of AirVein. The program is still being developed to bring it to full functionality.