Since 2009 we actively participate in the process of computerization of health care in Poland. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Medical Informatics and the Polish HL7 Association.

In cooperation with the Center for Health Information Systems, we are constantly working on:

  • Comprehensive advice and technical analysis in the IT field:
    • P1 Project Advisory "Electronic Platform for the Collection, Analysis and Sharing of Digital Resources about Medical Events"
  • Support in legislative work:
    • Participation in the drafting of the SIOZ law together with executive acts
  • Developing standards for the electronic exchange of medical records:
    • HL7
    • IHE
    • XSLT medical document transformations
  • Architecture and systems integration:
    • Temporary P1 Integrator in Stage 6 Phase 1
  • Software development:
    • "E-Prescription" under Phase 2 of Project P1 "Electronic Platform for the Collection, Analysis and Sharing of Digital Resources about Medical Events"
    • Administrative System and Medical Records under P2
    • Refund Letter Handling System
    • P4 Training Monitoring System
    • Residency Information System
  • Software testing

Our experience in medical systems integration is confirmed by comprehensive projects in the field of computerization of hospitals. In the area of the Podkarpackie Medical Information System (PSIM) we have implemented:

  • Integration of selected integrated IT systems (HIS) modules for:
  • Specialized Hospital in Jasło
  • Medical Center in Lancut
  • Independent Public Health Care Unit in Lubaczów
  • Integration of the HIS system with E-Queuing for the Independent Public Healthcare Institution Warszawa Wola-Srodmiescie

For the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products (URPL), we have implemented and maintain a signal management system for the safety of medicinal products. Our system supports and automates activities related to the detection, aggregation, analysis and evaluation of adverse drug reactions in accordance with EU regulations.