Environmental Protection

For more than 10 years, we have been developing innovative IT solutions that support broadly defined environmental protection. Information technology in the environment is a constant search for solutions to numerous challenges.

We perfectly understand the specifics of this area. Thanks to a coherent, innovative approach to the implementation of projects and the cooperation of highly qualified specialists and the best expert experts, we create solutions that are perfect for the high frequency of legal changes. Choosing the right technology and architecture, as well as the experience gained from the telecommunications industry, enable you to effectively build solutions for large volumes of data.

Thanks to advanced cooperation with outstanding experts in their fields, we understand our customers' needs more and we can work out perfect solutions for them, maximizing their benefits.

We are a member of the Polish Association of Environmental Informatics.

Selected projects:

  • EKOINFONET (2006) made in partnership with the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. The main objective of the system is to support the process of gathering and processing information on environmental charges, maintaining the register of entities using the environment and supporting the management of the corporate database of the GIOŚ
  • Informatics Control Support System (2009) - a system that we are still developing. It facilitates the process of control of the CCPS by the VIEP, standardises control processes and supporting processes. Allows you to create control / annotation and reporting protocols. It is a central system, allowing rapid exchange of information between VIEP and CIEP
  • BD Monitoring of Soil Chemistry (2012) - A field basis supporting the processing of data collected under the SSS. The system allows to calculate the degree of soil contamination based on the results obtained. Works since 2013
  • BD Monitoring Electromagnetic Fields (2014) made for the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection. The system is used for operational CIEP, conducted within the framework of the SEM in the field of electromagnetic radiation monitoring (PEM), recording of periodic, control and intervention measurements
  • JWODA - monitoring of surface water quality (2015), ie the data base supporting the processing of data collected within the SEM. It represents one consistent system for all WIOŚs in the area of ​​surface waters, also of coastal and transitional waters
  • MIDAS (2016) for the State Geological Institute - State Research Institute. Database of concessions, extraction and extraction fees
  • Mobile applications for IMGW - applications for mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone, depicting current meteorological conditions in the country