Customs / Taxes

As part of our offer for public administration, we realize projects for logistics, taxation, and customs, thus facilitating the regulatory reporting through dedicated solutions for specific businesses.

Customs and Taxation activities are dictated by regulatory requirements that primarily mean monitoring the status of the transport of selected goods. Customs e-Customs reporting is easier thanks to automation systems for these activities:

  • E-Taxes - SIP subcontractor
  • NCTS2 - New Computerized Transit System
  • EMCS2 - Control System for Excise Movements
  • EMCS4B - EMCS - business connector, Trusted Profile for ePUAP
  • E-Customs: CELINA, EORI, MCA, SEP
  • CAIFS - Border Control System
  • eBT - e-Booking Truck
  • PentaSENT - dedicated application that integrates the required electronic communications with the central SENT system, ECIP / SEAP platforms and automates regulatory compliance activities.

We possess also the required security and quality assurance certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, NATO NCAGE