Fresh breeze in Pentacomp’s sails

Fresh breeze in Pentacomp’s sails

For nearly 30 years of its operations, Pentacomp has become an essential actor in the domestic IT services market. During these years we have developed and implemented dozens of IT systems. Many of them are central solutions of strategic significance to the functioning of the state. Implementing solutions at such level is possible owing to the experience and competences of Pentacomp, in the e-Government area in particular. Being aware of their uniqueness, we are willing to promote and develop them also beyond the borders of our country.

New opportunities

Our search for growth opportunities resulted in inviting Hugues Gervais to join  the group of Pentacomp’s shareholders, which happened on June 28th 2019. Hugues is a Canadian businessman who operates in the international market, in Asian countries in particular. Taking a course towards this particular geographic area is not mere coincidence. Markets of the Middle East and South-East Asia are currently the most attractive and have immense potential to develop, particularly in the area of e-Government. The new investor has taken up the majority shareholding in Pentacomp.

What results will this change bring?

The Company’s current profile and mode of operation remains unchanged. The profile has been expanded with a new pillar, i.e. non-EU markets. Pentacomp Limited company with its registered office in Dubai has been established. Its business will focus on marketing and sales activities aimed at acquiring projects from outside the EU. The solutions will be developed in Poland by Polish teams of Pentacomp. Current members of the Executive Board – Karol Gajos and Michał Kirpluk – will retain their positions, just as other key shareholders.

Pentacomp has also gained a new member of the Executive Board Mr. Dariusz Nowakowski. The new Board Member, is an economist and a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. He also completed post-graduate studies on management and European integration and holds an MBA degree. For a number of years, he worked at Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW S.A.), where he led sales and R&D functions. He was also responsible for IT projects, developed with Pentacomp and supporting the issue of passports in Lithuania and electronic identity documents and passports in Armenia. For a year he was the Head of ICT Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, and for nearly 3 years he was employed as Sales Director  for EMEA in international corporations: Smartrac N.V. and Linxens, leaders of RFID market. From February to November 2018, he was a Member of the Board of Directors of PWPW S.A. In Pentacomp, he will be responsible for acquiring and developing foreign clients.

Why are we doing it?

A decision on expanding Pentacomp’s business to foreign markets results from our natural will to take advantage of the company’s achievements and potential. New foreign projects will allow us to broaden the portfolio of solutions and technologies, to the benefit of customers in Poland. Exports is also an excellent form of promoting Polish school of technology abroad, as well as a chance to attract new investments.