ERRU (KREPTD) – not an easy path, first to finish


Each EU country is obliged to conduct an electronic register of road transport carriers, which collects information about carriers and drivers. Since 2013, all registers have been merging into the ERRU system (European Register of Road Transport Undertakings). ERRU is a complete database of registers.

Polish enterprises constitute about 25% of the European transport market. However, this register has not been created for years. The General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD), which controls compliance with regulations, is also the entity responsible for establishing the register for life. Moreover, not only GITD ensures the reduction of road degradation and its safety, proper social conditions in road transport. It also protects the principles of fair competition.


The selection of the right Contractor has been conducting under considerable pressure. The time and credibility of the partner matter the most. What's interesting? In this case, the price did not play a key role. GITD, through a tender, eventually chose Pentacomp. One of the main factors of choice was the high assessment of the substantive part of the offer. The Client was aware that Pentacomp is a trustful contractor. It had already been proven during a previous experience with the company. Since 2014, we have been maintaining and developing the Central Registry of Strains. We have been known as a reliable contractor for a long time.


The pressure of time has forced us to carry out analytical, implementation and testing works at the same time. It was one of the most difficult projects in the history of Pentacomp, but the 55-people from our strong executive team did their best.

On September 13th of 2017, we were able to announce success. We designed, created and implemented KREPTD within just 4 months! As a result, our client can boast about the fastest implementation of the register in the whole European Union. In other countries, this process lasted an average of 2 years. The application, on the day of its launch, met the requirements of the EU directive. It is currently maintained and developed by us.


KREPTD is not only used to detect violations of regulations in transport companies. Its purpose is also to provide information flow between entities issuing transport approvals, transport companies, entrepreneurs using their services and supervisory organs.

Part of the data collected within its framework is publically available. Entrepreneurs who face the choice of a transport company can review carriers and thus verify their credibility. On the other hand, the starosties and supervisory organs have gained the possibility of integrating their own electronic systems with KREPTD. As a result, it significantly speeds up and facilitates their operations.


By choosing Pentacomp as the contractor of the project, the orderer not only met the declared deadlines and demonstrated the effectiveness of its action in front of the EU Parliament. KREPTD in the hands of GITD enables to conduct analyzes and examining trends in road transport. This is particularly important in the time when Poland becomes the European leader in the TFL industry.