Drones's purpose: INPECTIONS

For the asset maintenance units, it is essential to gather reliable and orderly data about the current state of the owned infrastructure (e.g power pylons, wind turbines, pipelines). Its purpose is to plan necessary repairs, maintenance activities or investments.

What do we offer?

The solution offered by Pentacomp allows using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to perform technical object inspections from the air; ensures proper segregation of collected data, a pre-treatment, a presentation on map (GIS) and provides defined reports.

Photos, movies, multispectral images (e.g infrared), point clouds collected during UAVs flight are automatically tagged, organized and assigned to a specific inspection object.

In the next step, the photos are pre-treated – the system recognizes the inscriptions on the nameplates, eliminates the natural background (which is replaced by a homogeneous color), corrects the geometry of the scene and detects infrastructural elements, e.g single insulators on power poles.

Thanks to our solution, "raw data" obtained from inspections can be automatically analyzed and as "processed data" presented in reports defined by the user, constituting the basis for the assessment of the infrastructure status.


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